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Best Wedding Photographers and Videographers in India

Selecting a photographer/videographer to chronicle your wedding day is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your wedding preparations. The images captured on that special day must reflect all of the precious moments that you will want to hold in your heart for years to come.

When you order a wedding cake, you can taste it first. When you choose your bridal gown, you can feel the fabric. When you select your music, you can listen to it. But choosing your wedding photographer is a little different. You will need to feel confident that the photographer is not only technically skilled, but that he/she understands your personal style, your unique personality and your vision of the day.

At Weddarazzi Films Private Limited we take a great deal of time getting to know you and your fiancée before we begin shooting. We show you samples of what we have done in the past and discuss how we can make your photos or film a special reflection of the two of you. Whether you prefer a casual style or a more formal one; or whether you envision a blend of playful and majestic, we will make sure that we completely understand your preferences so that you can just relax, knowing that our highly experienced and top professional photographers and filmmakers will capture the essence of you as a couple.

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list of awards we have won

Winner at City Stories Project London 2012 Silver Dolphin at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2013 Gold Award at Deauville Green Awards France 2013

The Rubber Band Ball

Explores the issue of rapidly shrinking open spaces in Mumbai. This short documentary was produced by Siemens as a part of their initiative to highlight the problems of urban sustainability throughout the world, wherein ten young filmmakers were chosen around the world to tell the stories of their cities. Throughout the making of the film, Academy award winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim mentored all the filmmakers. This short documentary is the winner of Silver Dolphin at the prestigious ‘Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2013’, ‘City|Stories Project’ 2012 and ‘Deauville Green Award’ 2013.


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